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FAR has given Amulet of Fate a RR!

What's my debut novel about?...

     Complicated by betrayal and murder, can two star-crossed lovers unveil the secret of a 14th century curse to be reunited and rekindle a love only found in fairytales?

Can she free the familiar Scot that haunts her dreams before it's too late?

Scottish legend tells of a fourteenth century chieftain cursed by a remorseful sorceress in order to escape certain death at the hands of his lover's English husband. While visiting her native Scotland, Alicia Cameron stumbles upon the secrets of the old MacKintosh castle, and the truth of her own tragic past…

Enslaved by a cursed amulet, Zachariah MacKintosh has roamed the remains of his castle for six centuries. Guided by fate, he’s reunited with the woman linked to his misfortune…the sole key to delivering him from his immortal hell. He realizes he must find a way to jog her buried memories, for if he should fail in this quest, the horrid curse would bind him for all eternity.

There is just one problem… The curse has left him in the form of his clan motto: a cat.

Excerpt from Amulet of Fate:

"Now ye see a staircase. Climb the stairs until ye reach the top." He paused. "At the top of the staircase is a tunnel." He paused again. "At the end of the tunnel, there is a door. Go inside and look around. Are ye alone? What are ye wearing? Do ye know the date?" Marcus hesitated briefly between each question allowing her subconscious to take note of her surroundings.

Ali followed his instructions to the letter. She looked around after entering the room at the end of the tunnel. The fog grew thicker and Marcus’s voice faded farther into the distance with each step she took. Straining her eyes, her heart began to pound rapidly. A panicked strangling sensation consumed her as the fog began to clear.

What was happening?

Peering about wild-eyed, she looked down at herself. She was wearing a long, dirty white shirt of some sort, with a torn sleeve that flapped softly in the breeze from the opened door. She could taste a foul dread in the air, feel doom dance along her spine as it wafted in with the wind. Some blood spilled onto the sleeve from a gash on her arm.

She was in what appeared to be an old abandoned cottage. The door lay on the ground in the entry, as though it had been deliberately placed there. A fire burned in the stone fireplace. She could hear it sizzle and crack, could smell the burning embers.

And, God help her, she was not alone.




This novel was a truly labor of love and practically wrote itself!


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AMULET OF FATE has received 5 Angels & a Recommended Read from Fallen Angels Reviews and a Top Pick from RRAH!!!

A Novel with Thoughts and Ponderings


Author: Angela Ashton ISBN: 1897261640 6/2007 TIME TRAVEL Publisher: CHAMPAGNE BOOKS
Time Period: Scotland, England and Charleston, present day and 1333


I love time travel stories. I love getting a glimpse into another time and place and seeing how characters in a story react to being tossed around in time. I especially like getting a feel for the flavor of the new time and setting, experiencing the clothing differences, speech patterns and social dictates. For me, the biggest sign of a well-written time-travel story is how the author deals with these aspects of the tale. Angela Ashton does not disappoint. AMULET OF FATE is an excellent story, delivering flawlessly on every point.

This story shows that the author has a sense of humor, too. After all, how many heroes have been turned into cats? But that’s exactly what’s happening here. Zachariah MacKintosh has been cursed and has been waiting for six hundred years for the one woman who can release him. When Ali and her friend Sandy return to Ali’s homeland—Scotland—with Ali’s grandmother, she meets a man who recognizes her for the woman she really is—the woman who fate foretold would break the curse. That’s all fine, except can Marcus convince the women that the cat who has taken a liking to Ali is really the Laird and Chieftain of the Clan MacKintosh?

The only problem I had with AMULET OF FATE was its ending. Honestly, I didn’t want it to end—it was that good. I’m very much hoping there will be a sequel to this book. Angela Ashton’s writing style is so engaging that I yearn to be pulled back into another of her tales!

Kay James



Amulet of Fate

Alicia ‘Ali’ Cameron is yet to find her perfect man. None of the men that she knows even comes close to the man in her dreams; but he’s just a dream isn’t he? She definitely doesn’t know anyone who has a penchant for wearing nothing more then just a kilt, at least not in this life. When her grandmother surprises her with tickets to Scotland, Ali looks forward to some time away. Along for the ride is her best friend Sandy who hopes they will get to at least meet one eligible Scotsman.

Amulet of Fate is a tale of love that lasts many lifetimes, a love that cannot be forgotten, for it holds the fate and life of one man in the balance. This book takes place in both the present and the past, although Angela Ashton has written it in such a way that it isn’t confusing. The action is fast paced, and all the way through, there is a build up of tension leaving the reader frightened of what’s going to happen next but desperate to read on to see how it will end.

Ms. Ashton began to write Amulet of Fate a long time ago and the time taken to produce this book has turned it into a wonderfully well written book that has everything a reader would want in a dual-time period fantasy romance. The characters are well written and thought out, and both the past and the present have a three dimensional quality so the reader will find themselves being sucked into the story and the worlds. I have never been to Scotland, however after reading this book I feel like I have spent many years there.

Amulet of Fate is Ms. Ashton’s first book, and it is a stunning piece of work. It is a definite read for anyone who enjoys romance and history, as well as a bit of fantasy. I wait with bated breath to read what she will pen next.

Reviewed by: Heidi


Amulet of Fate

Angela Ashton

Zachariah MacKintosh has wandered through his increasingly falling-down castle for the past six hundred years, condemned to a limbo in which he neither dies, nor lives, mourning the loss of his beloved six centuries before. Transformed into a feline by a powerful sorceress at the behest of his lover’s spouse, he realizes that one woman in the present time will hold the key to his return to life, or his eternal death. That woman must discover the magical amulet and learn how to use it to transform him. His only remaining recourse is to try to reach her through her dreams.

To Ali Cameron, no earthly man can ever measure up to the standard set by the godlike Scotsman who haunts her dreams with erotic need. Ali’s family had Scottish ties, and Ali had been born there, moving when she was only three. From childhood she was thrilled by her grandfather’s tales concerning a legendary Scotsman, a curse, and a cat. Now between graduation and commencing her new job with a veterinarian, Ali is traveling with her grandmother and her friend Sandy to visit Scotland. At first arrival, Ali feels a psychic link to the country and is convinced she’s returned home for a purpose as yet unrevealed.

Debut author Angela Ashton serves up an enterprising tale with plenty of magic, mystery, romance, and eroticism entwined. A hunky hero, an evil Lord from the past, and loving, knowledgeable family members, combine with a spunky heroine, her oversexed best friend, and a Scotsman who holds the key to past life recall all combine to make an excellent story which will tug the reader’s heartstrings and deliver up hope for a happy ending?even after six centuries of despair and loss.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Annie
May 8, 2007

Here are a few reader comments:
"I thoroughly and completely enjoyed your book. Very much.  I seriously could not put it down.  I read for 3 hours Friday night and then again on Saturday night, and read until I was done.  I think I was so into it that I even dreamed about it ;)  A true test of a good book for me is if everything comes together in the end, and you did a REMARKABLE job of that.  The character development was fantastic..." -Donna
"This book is absolutely fantastic. You can't put it down, you have to keep reading. And the cat!!! Love the interaction. Fast paced, great characters and riveting. Good job."  -Kathleen Hall
"...I was absolutely spellbound and couldn't put it down...What a great story!!  It made me believe in fairy tales!! I felt like I lived the story myself." -Cindy

"Oh my gosh!!!!!! Your book is incredible and keeping me up late at night!!!
I am beyond impressed with your prose- the story line, your descriptions, how well it flows between past and present. I cannot say enough, and I am telling everyone I know to get this book!" -Aimee

Hi Angela, I finished your book and I loved it, but I have to tell you why I loved it…I loved how you capitalized Fate, as if it were another character in the book. The love scene was beautiful, it had heart, and humor, and I loved how I hung on your every word, not just that part but the whole book. Your writing style is so well delivered. I couldn’t put it down, it pulled you in from the very beginning. I think that that is a sign of a really good book, and also, that it triggers your imagination. As a reader you always try to identify with the main character, as if you were her or somehow a part of the story, and I felt that. I loved how original the story was, and the mystical parts and the development of the characters. It was just excellent. So well done, you have my highest rating! Can’t wait for more! -Liz

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