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Here's a peek at a few of the novels I'm working on...

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Murder isn't always what it seems.


When the N.Y.P.D. deduce Elise Morgan’s sister as just another casualty of the drug war; Elise leaves Seattle and flies to New York to do a little P.I. work of her own. Armed with two years of law school, an assumed name, make-over, a slew of puzzling emails and the suspicious boyfriend’s name, she slips into her late sister’s life. Secretary by day, waitress in a quaint little Celtic pub by night, Elise’s perseverance pays off as clues and life-altering secrets begin to fall into her path. Though it’s a dark, deadly trail she’s chosen to follow and soon discovers she may be in over her head. Especially when the extent of involvement with the Irish Mafia is unearthed, and worse, she’s become entangled with the duel-faced Scot in the heart of it all…a dangerously handsome songster appropriately named, Labyrinth. Elise learns too late that things aren’t always what they seem. On the run from a killer, she only wishes she would have paid heed to those three little words of warning via her late sister’s final correspondence. …Trust no one.




Mina Chandler is starting over after a failed marriage. Her love of antiques leads her to an estate sale where an aged, intriguing oil lamp catches her eye...its fiery contents lays claim to her heart...Aladdin genie lamp - no genieWrongfully enslaved by the Master Djinn, Draygan is anything but grateful when he's released from the dark, murky constraints of his brass prison. His second term of a thousand year sentence is nearing its end. Soon, he'll taste freedom and the sweet nectar of vengeance--if he can cage his need to annihilate the Master Djinn's henchman, a djinni sent to coerce Draygan into committing a crime that will see him through another thousand year stretch. But can he resist the voluptuous human that has summoned him when just the twitch of her lush, strictly forbidden lips is capable of seeing him imprisoned for all eternity…?
     There will be a sequel to this entitled, Gift of the Djinn...
Following an electrical storm that sends her computer crashing---along with her most recent work-in-progress---romance novelist Miranda McLeod is flabbergasted when she sees her current hero sprawled shamelessly along the cover of her sister's modeling magazine. In fact, there isn't a magazine this side of the Atlantic that doesn't have some breathtaking picture, some must-read story about the mystical Sebastian that appears to have fallen from the sky...
Set a few years into the future, Christofer, a scientist, stumbles upon a way to invent a time machine with the help of his young apprentice. He grows fond of the young apprentice from the start. The young man is a collector of antiques and Christofer learns much about history from him. While rummaging through a moldy basement, Christofer is drawn to an old picture of a woman with sorrowful eyes and a Mona Lisa smile leaning in the dark corner. After a lengthy investigation, he discovers his apprentice is a direct descendant of the enchanting woman and that she lived in the 1700's. He fires up the 'ol time machine and sets the date to before she married (already seeing the trouble here? lol) and before you know it, he's in another world...Her world. There is an unforeseen problem, however, the time machine wasn't officially 'road worthy' and breaks down after the transport, being in 1746, he has no means by which to fix it. Trapped in another time, he meets the charismatic woman in the photo and finds himself in a battle he knows he can't win on the murky moors of Culloden...
Princess Ann has a secret passion. Peddling. She frequents the village disguised as a commoner, and, until now, no one has been the wiser. A staged scuffle in the marketplace brings a braw farmer to her aid. The power of their attraction nearly falls them both. For a few weeks, the Princess and her pauper Prince seem to share an array of stolen moments. Stolen bliss. But all too soon, the charade is over. A husband has been chosen for the maiden Princess. The entire village has been invited to share in the celebration. Unable to find her beloved farmer and confess her heart, Ann is left with little choice but to agree to her father's wishes. A lone whistle climbs the night sky, the thunderous, colorful boom follows the announcement of the betrothal as Ann looks up and sees her sorrowful farmer amongst the gathering. Her secret is out. But what Ann doesn't realize is that she isn't the only one with secrets... Is the chivalrous farmer all that he appears, or a mere puppet in an overall plot to lay claim to her wealth and ultimately, her father's Royal throne?
A vampire series...details coming soon...
 A young woman visits Romania after her grandmother dies and is drawn to the castle of Vlad Trepes, Dracul. A nasty tumble sends her free falling down the lengthy stairwell, and back to a time when the moon howls warnings of a black, unspeakable and fatal curse... The heroine comes face to face with Count Dracula, and heart to heart with his young brother, Prince Radu the Handsome. All is fair in love and war, and the dark princes know she is the woman foretold to them centuries before...the naive virgin said to arrive solely to break the blood curse set upon their family by a Turkish gypsy... When the moon radiates its full splendor, the time comes to spill the sweet nectar flowing through her lovely veins...But can Radu betray his heart to be free of his immortal hell...or will he give his life to save hers?
A Private Affair

An ambitious politician, Beckam, is too tied up in his own illustrious 'affairs' to concern himself with his much younger, seemingly astrayed wife's whereabouts. So, when Isabella brings up the 'D' word (divorce) out of the blue, he assumes she is having an affair and hires a private investigator to follow her...and a hit man to kill him. After all, he can't let her take half of everything he's worked all his life to earn. If what she knew ever leaked into the press...his dreams, his life would be over. He can't take the risk. Besides, he's decided he loves her in spite of everything, and would see her die before letting her go. After five years of marriage, she still possesses the ageless beauty needed to draw-& distract- the attention of a crowd...

Enter Chance, a young-not too young (wink!)- great looking P.I. He takes the job & follows the man's wife as a cover for a bigger gig. (He's working on frying much larger fish.) It doesn't take him long to realize the beauty isn't cheating, unlike her husband. Infatuated by Isabella, Chance draws information from her husband....and Beckam's mistress, Leah.....learning 'Bella's' likes, dislikes, etc. to help him do his job with greater precision, or so he says.

Isabella is blown away by this incredible man that whisk into her life as though he stepped straight out of her wildest fantasy. And what perfect timing. She's known for some time about her husbands infidelity, but only recently had the opportunity to meet with his pregnant, scheming mistress. Desperate to escape the chaos, it doesn't take her long to fall for the handsome stranger. The man knows exactly what makes her tick! The thrills are non-stop, especially once the hit man sets his sights on Chance...

All too soon, the dreams of all involved begin to crumble. The dark secrets are exposed as the web of deceit comes to a deadly head. And when it's all said and done.... someone will die, someone will fry...and two will walk away with a fortune...


Dream Bride

Discovering Hope

Demon Knights series...click link on navigation bar to read more. Details coming soon...

The Martinet
...and many, many more!


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